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World Fiber provides maintenance services for fiber optic, wireless, broadband networks, traffic signal, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), tolling system equipment, and Traffic Management Center. We have serviced maintenance needs throughout the United States since 1997 and have installed thousands of devices for traffic signal and ITS deployments. With such experience, many of our clients are turning to us to provide preventative and routine maintenance services as well as upgrades and replacement services, including:

  • Traffic Signals
  • Signalized Intersections
  • ITS Devices
    • Changeable Message Signs (CMS)
    • Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
    • Video Detection Systems (VDS)
    • Microwave Video Detection Systems (MVDS)
    • Radar Detection Systems (RDS)
    • Highway Advisory Radios (HAR)
    • Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Communication Hubs
  • Equipment Cabinets
  • Ethernet Core, Hub & Field Switches
  • Tolling Gantries
  • Fiber Optic & Wireless Infrastructure
  • Power Service
  • Ramp Meters

Our vast workforce and company-owned equipment allows World Fiber to provide 24/7 service and repairs.

We take pride in our quality installations, which is why many clients rely on us for maintenance. Careful documentation and diligent adherence to maintenance checklists ensure critical equipment remains operational throughout its useful life. World Fiber is currently providing maintenance for several clients including:

  • Georgia DOT
    • NaviGAtor ITS Maintenance (Atlanta, GA) — We have replaced over 750 ITS devices and are currently maintaining over 2,300 devices for a five year performance-based contract.
    • Statewide Traffic Signal Maintenance (Georgia) — We are providing task order based maintenance services throughout three of the GDOT Districts, encompassing over 70 counties. We have completed over 700 signalized intersections since 2008.
  • Florida DOT
    • Signal Maintenance for District 3 (Chipley, FL) — We are providing on-call maintenance services for traffic signal equipment upgrades and repair throughout 16 counties.