World Fiber specializes in the installation and construction of devices used for incident detection, surveillance and motorist information services for Intelligent Transportation Systems. We have been working with federal, state and local Departments of Transportation since 1997 and have installed thousands of devices for ITS deployment throughout the United States. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to provide turnkey services for ITS device installation and integration, including the following:

  • Changeable and Dynamic Message Signs (CMS & DMS)
  • Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Systems
  • Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems (MVDS)
  • Video and Radar Detection Systems (VDS & RDS)
  • Highway Advisory Radios (HAR)
  • Battery Backup Systems (BBS)
  • Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Communication Hubs / Metro E Connections
  • Ramp Meters
  • Ethernet Core, Hub and Field Switches
  • Tolling Infrastructure
  • Emergency Operation Centers
  • Traffic Management Centers

World Fiber’s staff works and trains with our manufacturers and vendors. Our equipment inventory provides access for all device installations, including 110′ working height bucket trucks. This combination of qualified staff and the right company-owned equipment allows us to self-perform device installations and integrations.

While we have deployed hundreds of installations and integrations since 1997, below are a few of our key projects:

  • I-85 High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes, Atlanta, GA
  • Georgia NaviGAtor I-75 Freeway Management System (FMS), Atlanta, GA
  • Bay County Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Design-Build, Panama City, FL
  • Louisiana DOTD ITS-Traffic Incident Management System Design-Build, Baton Rouge to Lafayette, LA
  • Memphis SmartWay Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) – Early Deployment and Full Build-Out, Memphis, TN