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Bridge Attachments

Some of World Fiber’s earliest projects were turn-key operations to design, engineer and construct custom attachment hangers as well as install conduit and fiber optic cable on bridge structures. We have successfully completed numerous bridge infrastructure projects on several bridge types, including superstructure bridges, truss bridges, railroad bridges, and highway bridges in over 30 states.

World Fiber’s Bridge Division is dedicated to providing the most reliable, cost effective solutions for each bridge project. Almost every World Fiber project includes bridge work either as a stand-alone project or in combination with our other core services. Our expertise includes:

  • Under bridge conduit and duct banks
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Electrical cable and systems
  • Core boring
  • Bridge lighting
  • Mounted navigational lighting
  • Tunnel conduit systems
  • Custom Attachment hangers

We believe each bridge is unique with its own community purpose and characteristics. During our bridge project investigation phase, we assess the bridge components alongside the client’s specific needs. We begin with the basic fiber optic cable theory: fiber uses light to transfer data/video from one place to another (across a bridge). Data is converted to light, sent through an optical fiber and conveyed to its intended end user. The question then becomes, “how does the fiber optic cable become part of a bridge as a cost effective method of data transfer?” Our answer is custom bridge attachments based on experience and proven technology.

World Fiber’s bridge solutions have been implemented across the country, connecting community networks and making fiber optic infrastructure on bridges affordable and effective. Below are some of the key bridge projects we’ve deployed:

  • Blackwater River Bridge
  • Escambia Bay Bridge
  • St. Mary’s River Bridge
  • Hart Bridge
  • Matthews Bridge
  • Acosta Bridge
  • Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
  • Clark Memorial Bridge
  • Mississippi River, 37 bridges
  • Marion Memorial Bridge
  • Highway 41 Bridge
  • US 331 Bridge
  • Pinners Point Bridge
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge¬†
  • Gandy Bridge
  • Tappanzee Bridge